Controversy reigned yesterday when The Rangers were placed way ahead of Celtic when data was analysed from a range of statistics ahead of the new season.

The FiveThirtyEight rating system claims to project what clubs can expect in the way of results for the coming season.

Yesterday, the table has the Ibrox club who have yet to win a major trophy 14 places above the Scottish Champions. Today, however, they seemed to have corrected their obvious error demoting Steven Gerrard’s men from 92nd to 131st. While Celtic have gone from 106th place to 98th.

It’s all very trivial and lacks a lot of common sense. Stat driven data can often be misleading, in this case, someone has just got their math wildly off.

If their goal was to get noticed for their stats then they certainly got the attention from the Scottish press who were gleefully reporting the 8 in a row champions who have won the last 9 domestic trophies were somehow below the Petrofac Cup winners.

Alls well that ends well, as they say.



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