When you stick the name John Barnes and Celtic together it’s usually followed by a shudder, by Celtic fans anyway. The Barnes/Daglish combo looked so good on paper but was a massive failure.

Barnes is the perfect example of a “tremendous player, doesn’t make a tremendous manager”. When the repetitive poll or question gets thrown out on the worse ever Celtic manager, John Barnes will always get an honorable mention.

The Englishman managed Celtic for just 29 games before he was shown the exit doors. Twenty of those games came in the league. His record was deemed to be not good enough to be a Celtic manager.

Enter Steven Gerrard…

Gerrard and his team might have been on a high at the end of 2018 but the ex-Liverpool man will learn the hard way how quickly a horde can turn on you with two or three bad results. There have already been calls for his head after his side got beat 2-1 at Rugby Park midweek. Some folk couldn’t even make it to work the next day the pain was so unbearable.

Gerrard is one or two more bad results away from going full Pedro and shouting “We are the people” in his post-match interview.


  1. As bad as Barnes was, he was up against a very good ra***ra side.
    This current side side is massively underperforming, and that’s keeping gerrards rally respectable.
    If Celtic has won the draws at st midden, livi and we’ll, he’d be in trouble. We’d be 12 clear of them, maybe more if we were playing better and bothered to turn up for the new year game.


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