ON THIS DAY in 1929, Celtic Park’s Pavillion went up in flames, and with it, historical images and documents which could never be retrieved.

Historians have done well over the years piecing together some of the information which was lost in the fire but there are just some things that could not be replaced.

The fire spread so ferociously, all that would remain would be some beams. The stand made almost entirely of wood perished along with the historical document and images.

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To think of some of the things Celtic could still have had in their possession to this day had it not been for the fire of 1929. A paper at the time confirmed some of the things which had been lost which would have been of real value.

“These included a group of the original Celtic team, the first Celtic team to win the Scottish Cup. the first Celtic team to win the League Championship. and single photographs of Micky Dunbar, J.H.McLaughlin, John Glass, and other men who were prominent in the early days.” Cited by the CelticWiki.

The rest of Celtic’s season would be played in the nearby Shawfield Stadium, which was once used by Clyde Football Club but had transformed into a greyhound racetrack which is still there to this day.

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A big shout out to the Celtic Wiki for information on this piece! A wonderful tool for any Celtic fan!


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