Ok, if you haven’t already read the interview that Cal Mac done with the official Celtic website about how the players are keeping fit and keeping interested in fitness during lockdown then name the top three Celtic players for a 5k run.

McGregor named Greg Taylor, Jonny Hayes and Scott Brown. Personally I would have guessed three different players and McGregor would have been one of them. Scott Brown is the surprise package, only because of his age. When the Celtic skipper was younger he was renowned for running all over the pitch like a Tasmanian devil.

In the last few years, Broony has become more methodical in his movement as he looks to prolong his career for as long as possible. But coming first, second or third in a 5k race is some seriously impressive fitness for a 34-year-old. How many times have we heard he is past it?

This is McGregor’s tips on the 5k race.

“As part of our conditioning programme, we do a 5k challenge between us all and see who gets the fastest time. It helps to keep that competitive edge between the boys. We have a lot of other stuff we do every day and then once a week we all challenge each other with a 5k race. 

“There are quite a few of the boys that will be close in competition. Broony will be up there, Greg Taylor will probably be up there too, I think. Maybe Jonny Hayes as well – he’s quite good at long-distance stuff as well.”

I’m sure Celtic fans would like to know the results of these races. On the toilet roll challenge, there is probably less of a surprise who McGregor tips for that crown.

“When the days are so long you’ll do anything to hold off the boredom a wee bit,” said McGregor. “I actually think Tom Rogic would be good at it because he does that with physio tape a lot.

“He’ll be in the treatment room doing keepy-ups with it and then he’ll flick it into the bin. His technique is really good with the ball, as everyone knows, but it’s still as good even with something as small as the tape.”


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