After the absurd claim by Ibrox mouthpiece Mark Dingwall that Celtic spent £70million last season to consolidate their place as The only team worth watching in Glasgow – the lads at Celtic Bible have sent out an interesting stat.

The claim made live on Sky Sports wasn’t even challenged, but should we be surprised considering they can’t tell the difference between Erik Sviatchenko and Nir Bitton.

Celtic didn’t spend anywhere near this to secure a famous double treble and to put cost of playing staff into perspective – the starting XI on the day Celtic won the double treble only cost £12.2million.

To put that into more perspective, one of our most expensive player’s among that lot was signed over ten years ago.

Don’t let facts get in the way of a bad story though.

So in the land of Ibroxia – the Celtic starting XI cost around one Alfredo Morelos to assemble.

£70million? Nae danger.


  1. The board that disroyed the auld hunz, must surely must have spent twice that much BEFORE transfer’s when they were liquidated. Just to stay ahead of the rest of Scottish fitbaw. I Wonder did the sheep. spend 70m to stay ahead of sevco, during the last couple of seasons?? As they finished ahead of Rifc more than once??? As thats who sevco have to displace, not Celtic.
    I sometimes think the zombie nationals should take less pills and getting their sisters pregnant. And see who they should be blaming, and why?? The lying King has not been show the door for his lsck of financial accumen..

  2. Sevco,Using the champions,Again.To somehow make the Hunbelievables Seem Relevant.Anyone who even listens to a DeLooDeid Sevconite make audacious Absurd Claims is in serious need of psychiatric Evaluation.The utter nonsense that comes out of Those Clowns mouths is just Laughable.£70 Million??Im guessing thats with a big slice of EBT attached.Roll on the New Season,Put Those Rancid Rotten to the Core Well n Truly in there Place,Again..HfH

  3. Swept away by, all those lovely trophy ,s Brendan just let us fly around for another week or so before we come down to earth,thanks for all the lovey times,being champions of our country,thank you and the Glasgow Celtic football club,just keep us in front,and just make sure the inland revenue don’t fall asleep to were Stevie gets the 100 million from!!from one of the bhoys at the tax office! Have nice day.


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