Whatever thoughts you had about Steven Gerrard before he became the manager of a club you don’t really like, you can’t deny he has turned into a figure to loathe. It did not take the ex-Liverpool player too long to really start to wear that Rangers suit.

It all started when he claimed his team were a level above the likes of Aberdeen and got the violins out when he said referees treated his team differently. It is obvious he gets handed a script to read. It is obvious he is a constant contradiction and it is obvious he won’t be the next England or Liverpool manager without winning silverware.

The Englishman has been hyped up by the English press to as if he had won some kind of trophy haul. All these things just go to satisfy Celtic and other clubs fans even more now that the wheels are starting to come off again.

One man that has reserved some level of understanding for his adversary was Neil Lennon when he spoke with The Herald.

“I can empathise to a certain degree, yeah, I’ve been through that myself. It’s a tough environment at times, and an unrealistic environment at times as well.

“I can’t really comment on the form that Rangers are in or what they are going through, I can only really comment on what Celtic are doing, and we’re very pleased. There’s a long way to go obviously and a lot of games still to come, tough games away and at home, but we’ve hit a good vein of form at the minute and that’s all it is, a really good vein of form and consistency.

“You have empathy for all managers because it’s such a tough job and there are so many aspects to it.”

We wonder if the shoe was on the other foot would the empathy be returned?


  1. If Celtic do the nine. Poor SlippyG all he (or his sugar daddies at Sevco) have to do is invest in players (or officials) to grapple the tenth. Just like our favourite Dutch uncle Vim.

    The clock is ticking. …….. ……. ………. ………. .. .


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