Colourful football pundit and former Celtic youth player, Paul Slane has told Open Goal he can’t accept it’s the real Neil Lennon on the touch line at Celtic Park at the moment after watching the Celtic manager sit there and do nothing while his team put in a shocking performance.

Slane has worked under the current Celtic boss and told how the coach would be in training if players weren’t up to scratch.

“Seriously, I need the real Neil Lennon to turn up. That is not Neil Lennon. I honestly believe the man standing on that touchline is a stunt double. I really do.” Slane told Opensport as cited by The Daily Record.

“Even on 70 minutes, Celtic are passing the ball side to side and he’s not saying anything. I remember in training if I passed the ball backwards he would be screaming the head off me.

“The way they played it was like testimonial, I thought John Higgins and Martin Compston should have come on, that’s how bad it was.”

Celtic lost 2-0 and went out with a whimper. The performance on the day more alarming than the final result.

It was passive, and we played right into the hands of the away side.

Neil Lennon has mellowed as a manager but is having no crowds affecting him as much as the players?

We’ve never seen such a disparity in a teams performance from earlier this year. We were scintillating at times, now we struggle to break down the shakiest of defences.

Is there still fight left in the dog?


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