The decision by the Scottish Government not to act until after the weekend when it comes to social distancing and banning large scale events is being met by widespread derision.

So many other countries are acting now and have made decisive moves to stop the spread as much as possible.

For some reason, the Government seem happy to let the weekend pass before doing anything else about it.

To point out the lunacy, approximately 12 hours after 50k spectators along with police, stewards and medical staff go to Ibrox, the government will then not allow gathering of over 500 people.

Why the delay? The threat and the spread is happening as we speak. What’s the point?

Chris Sutton and top journalist Stephen McGowan have has their say.

The game could still go ahead behind closed doors.

Is there a fear of not being able to handle thousands of fans locked out of the game?

It’s a worrying decision and sends mixed messages about how severe the spread of COVID-19 actually is.

Surely Celtic should speak out. Perhaps they’re waiting for the Scottish foot all governing bodies to make a call before they do.


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