CELTIC have been making unusual moves within their merchandising the past few months. It’s hard to get discounted replica shirts halfway through a season and even when they do discount them a month before the new kits are unveiled, it’s £10 to £15 off the original price.

Not this year! If you keep an eye on Celtic retail and subscribe to your emails you would have got this in your inbox over the past 24 hours.

It’s highly unusual to see the discount in place so early and at better than half price!

So, why the change? If it was just the silver and pink monstrosity they were punting, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid as sales for this jersey can’t have been the best. However, the away jersey also thrown into the mix has me thinking.

It was back on December, well-placed sources FootyHeadlines declared Celtic were about to enter into a kit deal with Adidas – huge news for a lot of Celtic fans. A month on from the report and we still have no announcement. Are Celtic now looking to sell as much New Balance gear as possible before the announcement? It’s highly possible.

With the New Balance deal up at the end of this season it would present the perfect opportunity to offload a good amount of stock at low prices.

The club will have to show their hand sooner rather than later on their next kit deal. Kits start being unveiled as early as May.


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