We know it’s difficult for the club to try and make plans for the future BUT there’s no excuse for the continual silence when it comes to faithful season ticket holders.

Season tickets went on sale BEFORE the shutdown and will close at the start of May. However, given the shutdown is in place, the current season won’t likely finish until after the summer and next season likely pushed back as a result, Celtic need to give some clarity.

There are so many season ticket holders who currently find themselves out of a job and who are struggling for cash at this moment in time.

Right now, the club needs to give some peace of mind they won’t be thrown to the wolves by pausing the renewal scheme and making sure supporters can get their tickets renewed when everyone is in a better position.

Celtic have been very quiet on this front. Perhaps waiting for an outcome and an itinerary for the way ahead – this has not been forthcoming so they need to make it clear season ticket holders will not be thrown under the bus.


  1. STH already treated poorly by the club as any STH who bought their ST in last few years can confirm.
    We are not allowed to apply for away tickets apart from Livingston as we haven’t been at 15 away games the previous season (yes thats cos you wont let us apply!!!)
    Instead of balloting all away tickets to all STH its always going to be the same people going to the away games singing the same embarrassing non-Celtic songs due to Celtic’s unfair away ticket allocation system


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