Celtic wanted Eddie Howe to be the next manager of Celtic 4 weeks ago and believed they had him in the bag when the Englishman sensationally walked away from the deal.

It left Celtic looking at their plans – almost immediately after Celtic had confirmed to us that Eddie had pulled out of a deal, Ange Postecoglou was the name dropped instantly as the manager Celtic were now pursuing.

Ange is the nee Celtic manager and it goes without saying he has the backing of the Celtic support.

Eddie Howe on the other hand is now finding it a struggle to get back into the game.

When the Everton job opened up, I was certain the Englishman would be in line for the role but Rafa Benitez is about to cross the divide to become the new Everton boss.

Crystal Palace have always been touted but they’re looking elsewhere.

You have to imagine since the breakdown of talks between Celtic and Eddie Howe, there must be some regret from the manager.

A blank canvas at a club like Celtic doesn’t come around often. He was offered the key and after leading us down a rabbit hole for months, walked away.

We’re sure Eddie will be back in the game at some point soon, but I can almost be certain it won’t be a club the size of Celtic.


  1. Why mention his name? His next job will be with Bournemouth. He is a child that will not be able to handle a job or life away from home. He needs to see his mammy everyday. He will take over at Bournemouth during this season and will remain with them for 30 years. We have dodged a bullet. He would have had a nervous breakdown and would have begged to be allowed to leave before Christmas. Job was far too big for him. Because he crapped his pants some clubs will not consider him.


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