LEIGH GRIFFITHS will come back into the squad and continue as a Celtic player after his latest episode.

The striker was sent home from the Wales pre-season training camp after reports of online behaviour emerged.

Police investigated the matter but found no criminality had been found.

The player is now back in training and will be available for Celtic this season according to the manager.

The striker signed a new one-year deal with the club just a few weeks ago but many fans have grown wary of the sideshow Leigh continually causes.

The fitness saga last season was enough for many to lose faith in the one time top goalscorer.

In reality, the player has not hit the heights at Celtic for a long time and could serve as a distraction in the coming months.

Leigh has let himself down on several occasions and doesn’t appear to learn from his mistakes. Will this season be any different if we do keep a hold of the striker?

I can’t help but feel this is a massive own goal by the club.


  1. Give the guy a break, he has his demons but he has been fantastic for us over the piece, anyone attacking a Celtic player is not a true Celtic fan.

  2. You can be a true fan and still be critical, Griffiths has let us down time and time again, didn’t turn up for for our biggest season for decades, unforgivable

  3. On the park we support any player in hoops , unfortunately griff attracts more media attention instead of getting on with his job , being fit enough to do his job, and stop his gibbering on social media and keep away from laptop loonies, and concentrate on Celtic

  4. I hear Moonshot got covid again after being double jabbed and having bought two booster shots on the dark web.

    Lessons to be learned here i guess, god only knows what was in those ‘Booster shots’

    I hope he is on the mend and will be back on here soon.

  5. He keeps embarrassing himself and the club. He’s been great for us in the past but I can’t see why keeping him would be a good idea. I know plenty of fans will say “hes still got goals in him” but at this time I’d think those goals would be at another club.

  6. Honestly the board have shit on us for years
    and still most fans let them away time and time again
    OK Griff has problems police day no criminality committed hopefully he forgets
    all this social crap and buckles down and concentrates on playing football as board not being positive and bringing in players


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