ANGE POPSTECOGLOU has made it clear everybody has a fresh start – that means Vasilis Barkas and Scott Bain are both now in contention for the first-team spot in goals.

I think every Celtic fan knows what they’re getting with Scott Bain and he’s a backup goalkeeper at best. Vasilis Barkas HAS to be better than what he did show last season, but what if he’s not?!

Is Ange Postecoglou going to have to learn the toughest of lessons the hard way by putting his trust in either goalkeeper only to get let down when it really matters?

There are huge upsides in general for the squad to be getting a fresh look by someone who has just come into the club, but there’s also more scope for falling into a trap and trusting people to perform who have let us down before.

If I was Ange Postecoglou, I would have looked at a lot of footage from last season to get an idea of our weaknesses. There’s no doubt both goalkeepers had their issues.

No, they didn’t have a solid defence in front of them but as the final line of defence, there was rarely a moment when fans thought either goalkeeper would come up big.

I hope there’s been consideration to another goalkeeper potentially coming in because if Barkas can’t shake last season off, it’s going to be another long season.


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