NEIL LENNON put out a side last night that should never have been allowed.

The league was already over months ago but Celtic fans have been looking for any positive reason to follow their side. One big thing Neil Lennon could have done in the past two months was to bring on more young players.

Let’s see the young stars in action and see what they can do. Instead, the manager continues, again and again, to get a song out of the same players who have not done it for the club this season.

Cramming Rogic, Christie, Brown into a midfield and then hoping that they’ll do enough to get the three points when it’s been proven this season, they struggle.

It’s the self preservationist in Neil Lennon who is throwing out players who he thinks can just about get the job done and keep hin going a little longer. He could be trying the young players out and giving them valuable first team experience but for him, that’s a bigger risk to winning any particular game than just playing the same old.

The manager wants results for himself now, the support want to see results and progress for next season, the Hoops boss isn’t allowing that to happen. It’s game by game and no looking towards the future.

Perhaps it’s because deep down he knows there’s no future for him beyond the next eight games. But if you’re a Celtic man and you want to do good by the club, help these kids come out of the shadows!

The manager has never been known for bringing on youngsters during both spells at the club.


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