Since the shutdown on football was announced the chants for null and void have got louder and louder from some quarters. Despite Celtic’s thirteen point lead in the SPFL, there were some Rangers fans and even staff who felt the Ibrox team had a good chance of taking Celtic’s ninth consecutive league title from them.

Number crunching company, Euro Club Index who was generating a report for the BBC have tapped out their giant calculator to reveal the percentage chance the Rangers had of wrestling the champions trophy from them. It’s a big fat 1.1%. Not exactly great odds for the null and void campaign.

The Sun just ran the report of the companies findings and they won’t go down well on one side of Glasgow. There were 27 points still available in the league and the remaining fixtures included two derbies. One of those derbies was only days away from been played before the Corona curtain came down.

The study found that Celtic had a 98.87% of retaining the title while the Ibrox club had a measly 1.13% chance of stopping a relentless Celtic. Nine in a row is when, not if.


  1. 1.13%, hmm, rather generous for the club/company, such a far flung chance requires them to win all their games, while Celtic lose three. Better they take to growing potatoes on their pitch, which makes Kilmarnock’s look like Wembley.

  2. Eight games to go. Plug pulled whist still warm and happily splashing about. Only needed to WIN TWO GAMES. And the first one was pulled out beneath Neil and the Bhoys. Bastard.. But life is now crawling on to a stand still.


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