The Rangers have a lot to say for themselves when playing football is off the menu, it runs from the directors right down to the support. They give it large when it means nothing, and as we all have seen, when it matters, they crumble.

The news today that the SPFL are putting a vote in place which would see all lower divisions halted with champions being named and the Premiership holding on just a little bit longer has sparked a statement from the second placed side.

You can read the full thing here but the crux of their long winded argument is; we don’t want Celtic to be crowned champions but we do want the prize money.

The posturing and asking for common sense to prevail is going to backfire on them greatly.

If they believe the common sense option is to not crown winners and losers but get the prize money, then they’re living on another planet.

They need that prize money more than most. They’re trying to have their cake and eat it, I’m afraid it won’t wash but at least they can say they tried when they put their hand out to fans this summer.


  1. Agree with Joe, no way can they pay out money without declaring positions,unless it’s done for 1 reason and 1 only,to save them,it would be so obvious.

  2. You do realise they are asking for the prize money to be distributed equally between all clubs to help those that need it most. Very poor journalism on your behalf

  3. I’m sure every single Celtic fan, would like to see us win it properly. No asterixs, no recriminations, no tainted talk etc but if we win it this way, we win it this way.

    As for the Rangers piece, they make sure to say all the right things but we all know, what they really mean is, “We actually only want what’s best for our own interests and just make out we are sympathetic towards other clubs and fans, because it hopefully doesn’t portray us as the conceited, self serving, vindictive and spiteful cnuts, that everyone thinks (knows) we are”.

  4. No where does it say That they want the money split evenly. I will bet they want their second place money but without the final position of second and they need it now.

  5. You are talking shite Colin. The word equally does not appear anywhere in their official statement. They merely imply that with a use of weasel words. You are wrong again when you refer to ‘prize’ money. The definition of prize is a reward to the winner of a competition or recognition of an outstanding achievement. We all know that in football ‘prize’ money is subsequently split (not shared) depending on individual teams achievements, i.e. where they finish at the end of the competition. Until the competition is finished, either by the fixtures being fulfilled or an agreement to end the season at the current point what you actually are mentioning is appearance money.

  6. I’d call their bluff. Propose a payout of the money to be paid to the last club to all clubs. Then wait until we’re able to complete the league. When the league is over the remaining prize money can be allotted according to league position.
    The league can be won or lost with integrity.
    I’d bet they’d reject it though as they need the cash now.

  7. Simple those that take the money will loose there away support ,see how long they last without it, and what team they can put out next year. Celtic feed a few in the spfl as do rangers but to be be down from a whole loaf to half a loaf. without Celtics away support, makes for slim pickings over the season for lower leagues


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