DAVIE PROVAN has backed Lewis Morgan’s decision to quit Celtic for the MLS this January window and says he doesn’t agree with the criticism aimed at the midfielder.

We’re not sure what circles Davie runs in these days but from our point of view, we’ve not seen any criticism towards the player for wanting to join Inter Miami. The overwhelming reaction to the impending move falls into line with what Provan writes below.

Nobody can blame Lewis for wanting to take a life-changing opportunity; living in Miami for at least three years, getting a bumper wage and regular first team football.

As Provan says, he was never going to be a first team regular at Celtic so it really is a no brainer for all parties.

The deal hasn’t gone through yet but there’s a lot involved in a transatlantic transfer with regards to paperwork.

Speaking about the move, the Sky Sports Man told SunSport:

“I don’t agree with the criticism that’s been levelled at Lewis Morgan after the 23-year-old agreed a deal with David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

“Bottom line is the winger was never going to play regularly for Celtic, while he’s already scratched the England itch with Sunderland.

“Johnny Russell proves a move to the MLS needn’t be the end of a Scotland career.

“If seeing out a lucrative three-year deal with the sun on your back is a crime, Morgan will happily plead guilty.”

Celtic look to be successfully getting rid of fringe players this window. There are more than a few irons in the fire to offload some deadwood. Klimala is the only official signing into the club at this point but that should change shortly.


  1. Provan should keep his small minded thoughts to himself!. No that I know has cast anything on the young man for wanting to go to America.! Proven is only like the rest of the Scottish media, if you like to Tel lies about Celtic just print it as the Celtic board will do nothing about it. Go back into the hole you crawled out of Proven, and go and ask questions over ibrokes way. Oh you can’t?.. ! Course not as you would lose your free mason badge!!.

  2. Its not phantom, the Celtic support have been critical of Morgan but unfortunately that is the modern supporter. Nobody escapes it but some get more than their fair share.


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