CELTIC know exactly what positions need filled and have known for some time now. The right back situation has been an issue since Jeremie Frimpong left in January. We brought in Jonjoe Kenny as a quick loan replacement but that deal was unlikely to ever become permanent – even if Jonjoe had performed.

It’s incredible to me we sit under two weeks away from the window closing and Celtic are still haggling over the price for a right back. Sometimes the club will have the luxury of playing things out to get the very best deal possible – however, we don’t have that luxury. We need players in yesterday!

A right back, another centre-back and a left mid at a minimum need to come through the door by the end of play. In reality, the board and Dominic McKay should have these players all but in the door by now.

We have a massive Glasgow Derby just before the window closes and you have to imagine even if we do sign anyone in the next week or so – we will not have enough time to bed them in before the game at Ibrox.

Celtic have made positive moves in the market and in normal times – we would be hailing their progress. These aren’t normal times and the timing of when we do business has had a profound effect on the season so far. Kyogo is a breath of fresh air and Abada looks the part, Hart is steadying the ship and Starfelt will find his feet, but our defence is letting us down at the moment.

Not getting Starfelt and Kyogo in and past their isolation before the Champions League qualifier which we were dumped out of. Not bringing in defensive reinforcements from the very early days of Ange’s tenure has cost us already. The longer the club quibble over fees etc, the longer this rebuild is going to take.

Let’s get stuff done!


  1. How do you know we are quibbling over fees?
    The selling club must want to sell, the player must want to come and then we agree a fee.
    People who would walk half a mile to get 2p off a pint stating that a million here or a million there is of no importance make my blood boil!
    Who would want to jump at a chance to come to wet and windy Glasgow to join a club who just might make the Europa League against joining a club that can pay them double or treble the wages that we can offer!
    That is why we have difficulty signing players. they are all waiting to see what’s on offer before making up their minds.
    Stop regurgitating trash you read in the Daily Ranger and think for yourself for a change!

  2. Totally agree with the blogger. Celtic are their own worst enemy. Starfelt is not the man we were led to believe was our new main man in defence. Julien is another softy. We need a leader who is not frighteded to sorh the defebnce out. We are still in the dark ages at the back.
    Who is sourcing the platers? It looks to me like its young Strachan and Kennedy. Those two should have left when Ange came in. He needs his own people, not the dregs of the Lennon team, IMHO.

  3. We need a hard-as-nails type in defence, another big Roy or Bobo, who knows when to dish out a bit of roughness when opponents do likewise. We haven’t had that for a while, and though he was portrayed as such by the hun media not even Broonie was that sort of player.
    For now I’m just hoping that Starfelt stops with the silly errors and isn’t another Tebily-type bombscare!

  4. Starfelt is a top reader of the game with pace and passing ability and will prove to be a superb signing. No idea what game some of you watch. Sure on top of all his good play he’s made one or two errors but that’s down to getting used to the SPFL and to Ange’s tactics. We do need a right back, a left back and another centre half. We also need Lovric out wife left and another top level striker. 5 more players therefore and they had better be in the door in the coming days. If not the club loses credibility in the eyes of the support and the manager.

  5. So true, year after year the Board boast about the number of season tickets they sell but they are sold on the same old Lie about improving the team and advancing in Europe, they haggle over £1Million or less resulting in losing out on some good players and ending up with the dregs and sorry leftovers, we have needed our defence sorted for years and if it is Kennedy who is organising it he should be ashamed of himself

  6. We are building for the next four years and beyond, not just for four weeks.
    Ange and Dom McKay are just in the door and working on the right priorities.
    They are working through this first window and for me doing very well.
    The high energy, high intensity style of Angeball does require a depth to the squad as this style of play is making a lot of physical demands on the players. Without the squad to rotate / rest when required niggling stress injuries difficult to diagnose / treat will occur
    Further additions are on the way, its a much more complex process than it used to be and it may take the rest of the window to get a few more in though the CH from Shamrock Rovers to be in this week.
    After the window they can get beyond immediate requirements and start looking at structural reform .. and remember this is being conducted back to front … Dom has also all aspects of the business to overhaul where necessary.
    Yes, work to do but for one I am delighted with what I see so far
    Hail Hail !!

  7. I think as a business, McKay and the board have to look at the failure of having either a head of recruitment or dir of football and how it is making us scramble last minute for new signings. How did we lose Hjelde? We either have to keep Eduourd and lose him for free next year or sell in the next 10 days and buy Henry. As for the other positions, I agree, we do not have time to haggle and should still have the Tierney money to spend on a RB, a LB, left sided midfielder and the Eddy money for a replacement striker.
    I agree these things take time and we are moving in the right direction but we also don’t have the luxury of time

  8. The Euros, Covid and Brexit have all hampered the transfer market this year.
    We haven’t done ourselves any favours with Big Ange coming in late himself, but I think that itself proves it was the right thing to do.
    I read about how we should have to accept less money for French Eddie because of the Covid situ, yet we’re supposed to throw money at clubs because they might think we’re desperate?
    I think we look fantastic in Green…you know…not so cabbage looking!

  9. Either buy the player or don’t. But Celtic consistently haven’t and we go through the same pish every year. Months to get a manger, years now to buy defenders and so it rolls on to the close of another window….couple of loan deals to come, predictable as sh… !!!!!


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