It’s a frustrating thing to say the least but if you don’t hit the ground running at Celtic some supporters will write you off as a dud before you’ve even started a league match.

That’s what seems to be happening with Celtic’s new bhoy Patryk Klimala. Being unable to put a goal past Clyde in the Scottish cup has given some the oxygen to write off the striker. We’ve seen many posts on social media to that affect.

In reality, it’s very difficult to come to a club like Celtic, especially at Patryk’s age and immediately fit in.

Speaking this week, the Polish striker has shown wisdom beyond his age and admitted he knew the first six months as a Celtic player was going to be a slog. The frontman admitting he had only managed two training sessions with his former side before making the move to Parkhead, with no pre-season training and a step up in intensity Klimala isn’t ashamed to admit, he has been playing catch up.

However, dusting lockdown, the striker has been quietly going about his business. So much so, he’s come back to Lennoxtown looking fit and fresh. One Celtic source told us Klimala has impressed the coaches with his fitness levels and intensity since the bhoys got back to training.

The striker believes he’s in a great position to make his mark come kick off time in August.

“At the beginning when I signed, I was tired because I didn’t have a pre-season.” Klimala told SunSport.

“When I came here, I knew it would be a hard six months for me, and it was.

“I had only two training sessions before joining Celtic, so it was hard.

“But I made up for it over the lockdown and now I’m ready.

“The staff gave me individual programmes which I followed.

“I made up for everything I missed, so hopefully everything will be good now.

“I didn’t get to properly know everyone when I first signed because I only had a month or so with the team before lockdown.

“I’m starting to get to know the team better now and I feel really happy and more settled.

“My fiancée and I really like Glasgow as a city.

“And now hopefully I can start playing regularly for the team.”



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