GREG TAYLOR is out with a shoulder injury at the moment. Reports have claimed the defender is set for a new deal with Celtic to extend his stay beyond the 22/23 season. [RecordSport]

Taylor and bolingoli were brought in as a replacement for Kieran Tierney, but neither of them have been up to the former academy player’s standard.

Diego Laxalt couldn’t make it work at Celtic and also left after his loan deal from the club.

it’s a problem position where Greg is our best left back at the moment.

The news of Celtic looking to tie him up doesn’t surprise me, but we should be aiming for real competition in that area of the pitch.

Adam Montgomery is starting to play more games and could be someone down the line who takes the mantle. However, at this point, Adam cannot be overexposed.

Greg can be steady without doing anything exciting and for Celtic full-backs, it’s not really enough sometimes. In the SPFL, the Scottish international can certainly play his part, but in Europe, it’s hard to see what he can bring.

Celtic fans have been reacting to the contract talks and we’ve captured some of their thoughts below.


  1. The first question you ask in this situation, are we missing him? Secondly, would be improve the team when fit? In my opinion, a resounding NO to both. In 70 years of watching Celtic I cannot recall a more inept Left back/wing back, lacking in physicality he is weak defensively, going forward more often than not turns inside and plays diagonal back passes, a good inviting cross into the strikers is as rare as a blue moon. We should be looking for a more imposing quality defender to bolster the left side.


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