BRENDAN RODGERS has confirmed what Celtic fan’s feared most, Kieran Tierney being out for a prolonged period of time.

The Celtic hero has been out since the Salzburg game in December where he looked uncomfortable on the night. He made an appearance on the bench at Ibrox but did not play any part in the game. Since then, the defender has done little training as Celtic’s backroom team try to figure out the best course of action for the player.

“Kieran we’ll look to get back into training around the beginning of February, hopefully.” Rodgers told RecordSport.

Kieran is a pivotal part of the Celtic team and they miss him whenever he doesn’t play. Now the bhoys must face up the news Kieran will NOT be ready to go until AT LEAST February.

This means in a best case scenario, a rusty Kieran Tierney might be able to play against Valencia at home. The nightmare scenario would be one of our best players missing both ties due to injury.

Of course, Kieran’s long-term fitness in the game outweighs anything coming up but hopefully, there’s a plan in place to get the young lad fighting fit as soon as possible.




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