BT SPORT may be bowing out of the Scottish game in 18-months time but if they’re going out then they’re doing so with a bang.

Rather than pull back on the coverage we have currently been enjoying from the BT production team, we’re going to get even more bang for our buck and perhaps, maybe, just maybe, make Sky Sports sit up and take notice.

The Bet Fred League Cup Final is the first trophy of the season up for grabs and not only is there lengthy pre-match coverage on the day – it has been announced BT Sports Xtra will be on from 11am to discuss the final and the Hearts vs Rangers game which is on before the big game!

There is set to be five solid hours of football, pre and post match analysis of all the big talking points.

This isn’t a production that is resting on its laurels or phoning it in because they will not be carrying the league for much longer. BT look likely to continue their top coverage until the very end.


  1. Once again it proves how much the Sfa get for coverings of Scotlands football (whoever gets it.) Hope they filter into Scottish football at grass routes level.. So if they do. Then thanking you for not caring.

  2. BT Sports have put them all to shame, but especially Sky.
    Their coverage outshines the others by far and they deserved better backing from Scottish Football, whom they have served well. Sky will crap on Scottish Football whenever it suits them.

    Money is the curse of the modern football world (and the world in general) and eventually money will ensure its downfall. BT Sports are a light in the darkness. They do not live above their means and do not encourage others to do so. They backed us. We should have backed them.

    It really says it all about those who run our game.

    • Nice to see you are so passionate about the Scottish League but BT Sports coverage in general is nowhere near as good as Sky’s. At the end of the day they’re all in it for the money so i wouldn’t jump to complimenting BT considering they are willing to pay in the billions to acquire the Sporting rights. What pisses me off is that i can’t enjoy all my sport in the same place anymore. I dont care who it goes to. It just needs to be in one place. Sick of paying out my arse because they all want a piece of the cake. A cake that seems to be getting bigger the more us idiots surrender.

  3. If they cared so much about it, they would have placed a substantial bid to not only retain it, but to exploit it on an exclusive basis.

    Today they had no other options open to them because Sky Sports had an extremely strong Super Sunday.


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