A ridiculous WhatsApp rumour about Gordon Strachan taking over today and Ange Postecotglou moving on as the Celtic manager has been doing the rounds over the past few days.

We as a site took nothing to do with the rumour because we are sent so many daft rumours through these channels it’s just not worth anyone’s time.

It was disappointing to see at least one Celtic fan website report on the rumoured WhatsApp chat, giving it more oxygen. These rumours only stand to discredit our manager and partaking in the kind of gossip or passing it on to look ‘in the know’ is as equally ridiculous.

A Celtic fan took the rumour to Clyde SSB this week – and Gordon Duncan shot it down in flames. We’re through the looking glass when Clyde SSB are the voice of reason – although we have a lot of time for Gordan Duncan.

As cited by Vital Celtic, Duncan said:

“You’ve called it a mad rumour and I’ve seen the same WhatsApp screenshot that you’ve seen.

“It says, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger but Ange is away on Friday and Strachan is taking over’.

“Funnily enough the name on the WhatsApp is Stephen McGinn and I sent it to him and he was like, ‘Aye, very good. At least 15 people have sent me that already.

“I assume that’s where it’s coming from.  By the way you can play this back. See tomorrow when Ange is at the departure lounge at Glasgow airport…..

“That’s my long and short answer to saying no, I haven’t heard anything.”

Again, be careful what you choose to pass on when it comes to the kind of WhatsApp nonsense. The only thing we never got a dodgy screenshot about was Dom’s hasty exit from Celtic. Meaning anyone truly in the know is not giving up information.

Strachan was in the crowd on Thursday night at Celtic Park. The former manager is still being paid for an ‘advisory role’.


  1. Ha ha, what’s worse than one strapon.
    Yea two of the fuc&ers in the one place. No no no. I was wondering when that ghost from the failed age of the late zeros would re-surface at Paradise again. Couldn’t take his negative football then (It was better in Europe though) but useless in the Scottish league and cups.
    But left a Martin O’Neil sized hole in every Celtic fans soul.
    Let’s leave bygones where they belong, and move into more Angeroo/St Brendan type of football. And learn to defend first and build from there.

    • Uralius,apparently ‘defending’ was a method once used to significantly increase your chances of winning football matches,wars etc…i know it’s an outrageous concept,but some even say it played a huge part in Celtic becoming European Cup Winners ,reaching another final and several semi and quarter finals too,and a Uefa cup final more recently.
      Even a team called ‘Rangers’ did the same..barely scoring a goal in the process. The Greeks were European Championships by deploying this ‘defending’ thing.
      Mind you,i could be wrong…maybe that’s all just Whatsapp rumours. ☘

  2. St Stephen of Lourdes has only won ONE piece of silverware against the Mighty Neil Lennon in three seasons.
    That’s ONE in NINE over THREE SEASONS for the hard of thinking.
    Go figure.
    You would think the Scottish press had some kind of agenda agents Celtic never mind Big Ange!
    Shoorely in this day and age of a modern all inclusive Scotland that can’t be true?

  3. One that celebrates a manager as though he’s a footballing genius, although it took him three full seasons to win ONE piece of silverware and needed the help of a Global Pandemic, The SFA, The Scottish Referee Association, Police Scotland,The Celtic Board, The Scottish Governments legal team and Public Purse (to the tune of three and a half Million quid) to do it.
    Not to mention a complicit media (and SFA) ignoring multiple breaches of rules regulations and racist thugs wrecking Glasgow City Center twice in as many week, encouraged by the Klub itself, costing the city and it’s citizens tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    That modern all inclusive Scotland.

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