SCOTT BROWN can give it out, we all know that and with giving it out you’re bound to get it back and the Celtic captain accepts that.

However, since Scott Brown hit the form of his career and was targeted by Craig Levein in the press there seems to have been a hit put out on the midfielder.

Rarely a week goes by now where there isn’t someone in Scottish football looking for their pound of flesh when it comes to the midfielder.

These are not robust but fair challenges – these are lunges, stamps and general violent conduct inflicted on Brown.

Today, yet again, Partick Thistle should have been down to then men after an appauling challenge on the skipper. The referee saw it and deemed it only to be a yellow card – what planet is he on?

Storer did not look in the least bit concerned about what he did to a fellow professional and even gave the ref some verbal for booking him.

This should shame the SFA and the group of referees who continue to preside over challenges like this and deem them not to be red card worthy.



  1. The compliance officer should be taking action. Player should be banned and ref should be demoted for at least a few games .This was a wilful ,potential leg breaker tackle and Thomson got a good ,clear view of it. He knows full well it was a clear red card but decided not to show it . It can’t be anything other than cheating.

  2. Nothing new here.this will continue untill He gets seriously injured,incompetence totally by the official’s,to be honest was surprised all the comments made by the pundits on by actually said it was a straight red,this will be the norm now .!!!!!!

    • Time for the bhoys to give it back hurtfull style don’t ya think……….if it’s okay for every other team tay kick fuq oota us then surely we should be allowed tay bury these cu.ts oan the park anaw

    • We have to start giving it back,every time any player is subjected to tackles like the one on broonie,our problem is,we have a squad full of footballers not hammer throwers.I can’t think of any one bar Broonie or Boyatta,capable of dishing it out,when required.We defo needed,someone to play the enforcer last week against Hearts but no one stepped up to the plate.Oh fo.r another bobo

  3. The compliance officer can’t take any action as the ref saw it and only booked him, compliance officer can only act on things officials didn’t see. Its a shocking tackle, potential leg braker.

  4. The game in Scotland is s fcukin joke, from cheating clubs to dodgy officials and questionable governance , not to mention cowardly reporting. Sooner Celtic can escape it the better

  5. Surely tae FUCK the “challenge” or ASSAULT as everyone bar the referee seen it as, will be looked at and reported by the 4th official from the game!!!! Why can’t these dense clowns running our F.A see it’s happening continually to Broony, instead of the headline in the next days papers claiming the tackle has been “payback” from a challenge Broony made earlier on Storer!!! These idiots are simply trying to get some recognition, and to try an make a name for their nobody selves with as heavy a challenge on Scotland’s best Midfielder ((EASILY BY 10 COUNTRY MILES)) as they can ge t away. They KNOW it’ll make BIG NEWS as anything involving our Captain normally does!!! Get a fuckin grip referees!!!! With these inane yellows ur wrongly giving out, ur inviting harder, and more reckless tackles if I can call these assaults tackles, on Broony. Hail Hail

  6. Even Archibald knew he couldn’t leave that wee runt Storer on the park as he would have been off with his next reckless ASSAULT. Broony will have the little bastard if he’s on the park at Parkhead. GIRUH hail hail


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