DEREK McInnes has stated that Celtic will view their season as a ‘disappointment’ if they do not win their second treble in a row.

The comments from the Aberdeen boss come during the winter break where he looks to refocus his squad to try and get on the trophy trail.

“Celtic are so far ahead resources-wise that I think it will be disappointing to them if they don’t win a Treble. They should be favourites in every domestic competition. Huge favourites.

“It’s up to the rest to find a way to stop that and get our own clubs winning something. That’s the challenge for us all.”

Of course, Celtic have the most resources but just like any team in the world, on any given day, you can be beaten.

Celtic’s incredible run last season has set the bar so high, nothing but a clean sweep of domestic trophies will keep some moaners and rivals at bay.

The season just gone will go down in the books as something quite incredible. Such was the achievements of Rodgers and his Celtic players, that’s why the club themselves set their own personal targets. Europe beyond Christmas was a big one this year, which has been achieved. It remains to be seen if we Celtic can go any further in the Europa League.

I can’t remember a season in my time supporting Celtic where we didn’t aspire to win the lot at the start of the season but even us crazy fans know how hard a thing it is to do.

Should Celtic manage the double treble it would be an incredible feat, should they stumble in the Scottish Cup, I will in no way see the season as a failure. As Brendan Rodgers goes about building his own legacy at the club and not just a team we might not win the lot every season but we’ll still be a cut above the rest.