Celtic became nine in a row champions on Monday after EVERY SPFL club the season couldn’t be finished.

With Celtic’s massive thirteen point gap and 25+ goal difference, there was little doubt the bhoys are the rightful champions of Scotland.

At the start of the season, however, there was the usual noise from the media and one man in particular about the potential of Celtic winning another title.

Ewan Cameron sat in for some Superscoreboard shows when Gordon Duncan was on holiday and during one of the live broadcasts made the claim Celtic would NOT win nine in a row because Neil Lennon was in charge and the manager might not see Christmas as Hoops boss.

Fast forward to Monday and Ewan quite rightfully ate humble pie on social media.

Some in the media use wishful thinking as a tool to make headlines at the start of the season. There’s very little respect for what Celtic have achieved. To suggest a team coming off the back of three trebles would lose their crown takes a bold sort of thinking.

I’m sure we’ll hear the same again next season.


  1. Fair play to you Ewen, a very sporting congrats to Celtic and Neil. Just be careful with all that humble pie, it can be quite fattening.


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