We do love a concept kit and especially when there’s a nod to the past with a modern take.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing with this belter from @dosigneer who made this concept jersey after Celtic’s win against Aberdeen.

Somewhat inspired by the 83/84 away kit with that old CRSMITH sponsorship taking centre stage.

This is a modern, Adidas look that Celtic fans would really get behind in our opinion.

There was the lime green effort last season from Adidas but it was pretty plain. The shirt sold well but it wasn’t very unique, this jersey, even with a modern sponsorship – Dafabet or not – would look great.

Adidas produce three kits a season for Celtic and will have to begin thinking outside the box in the next year or two for Celtic fans to continue to buy-in.

They could do a lot worse than looking at this effort and similar designs from talented freelance designers.


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