The Green Brigade’s Annual Foodbank collection is just one of the many reasons we’re all proud to be Celtic fans.

The organisation and the commitment to Celtic’s founding principles 130 years on is something to be celebrated.

The Green Brigade can only do so much though and when they put the message out about their Foodbank drive the Celtic faithful delivered!

It goes without saying that the fact we need Foodbanks in a modern day Scotland but while we do need them, it’s our duty and responsibility to look after each other.

The generosity around the club from the fans to the Celtic Foundation and everything in-between makes the saying ‘A Club Like No Other’ mean exactly that.

This year’s Foodbank drive raised –

Money donated – £13,744.41
Food donated – Estimated 19 tonnes.

The money is beginning to be split between another 20-25 Foodbank’s that never got food donations from the Green Brigade, Scottish Action for Refugees will receive a sizeable donation too.

The Green Brigade would like to thank everyone for their help.


  1. All the more impressive when you consider the majority of media outlets – including our state broadcaster chose not to publicise the food drive.

    Well done Green Brigade & well done Celtic.

  2. Great effort but need to take issue with the ‘goes without saying’ think you missed out ‘is a disgrace?’ let’s help the poor but never let their situation become acceptable.

  3. It makes me so proud to be a Celtic Supporter.
    I live in Australia and it would be great if the overseas supporters could also contribute to this
    great enterprise, can it be done and how can we donate ????


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