KIERAN TIERNEY looks like one of the player’s who will be the face of this season’s BT Sports ad campaign.

The Celtic defender posted an image of him going one on one with a 9-year-old in what will be the BT TV as but it would seem that there are already billboards with the player on it around Glasgow and it looks outstanding.

The picture shows Kieran Tierney photoshopped onto a motorbike with the tagline ‘Take them all on.’ – clearly pointing people towards the many sports BT have on their sports channels.

The TV ad Kieran is set to star in also has Jesse Lingard and Gareth Bale. Not bad company to be in.


  1. I’m sure in his own way Danny McGrain is proud, that as a youngster KT buckled down and learned his trade. As no doubt about it, KT is too. The world is his oyster, and Paradise is his pearl. HH. HWGFATT


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