OWEN MOFFAT made his senior debut from off the bench last night. The winger came on to replace fellow academy graduate Adam Montgomery.

The B-side player has been on fire this season, scoring 11 goals in the lowland league so far this season. Many fans feared that his appearance last night would rule him out of the B side, it does not.

He can play a total of five games for the first team, having played one he has four more opportunities to take the pitch. Once/if he plays five games for the senior team he can not be moved down to the squad until the next window.

Moffat was impressive when he came on last night. He played his game without shying away. Without much credit, Moffat set up the chance for the winning goal. With the opportunity to shoot, he played it wide enabling Rogic the opportunity to lift a ball into the box.

He is an exciting prospect and will certainly feature more for the senior squad.


  1. I’m glad you noticed the part this youngster played in the winning goal … and did you see also that after that pass he took up position for possibly a return. Good thinking.


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