The Times mate have jumped the shark on this one as they report new Spurs boss Jose Mourinho ‘turned down’ the opportunity to manage Celtic.

The implications of the claim is Peter Lawwell would have been lying when he told supporters nobody else had been offered the Celtic job.

There were wild online rumours back in May, Celtic had made contact with the former Chelsea boss but as you would expect, they were rubbished.

The Times writes:

“He (Mourinho) turned down seven job offers, from Lyons, the Chinese national team, Guangzhou Evergrande, Celtic, Monaco, Benfica and Inter Milan during his break.”

That’s quite the list from the paper.

As we all know, Neil Lennon took over from Brendan Rodgers on a temporary then full time basis.

This report doesn’t seem to have much proof or substance behind it other than bugging up Spurs and creating the impression José was waiting for the London club. It’s more than likely Jose has never spoke to anyone at Celtic about taking over. Could you imagine Peter Lawwell’s wee face signing his massive wage cheques!


  1. The mob of supposed journo are a serious problem for Celtic. Most of them THINK they know what will happen, and most of them MAKE UP what will happen. They are the dregs of football. They talkk sh1te and are responsible for many problems in the game.
    Since they tie their colours to the Ipox mast they have their masters to serve. Horrible shower of megalomaniacs who are bereft of real truth.


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