Poor Ibrox fans don’t need much to be set off and it appears they have been triggered by the fixture list for the upcoming season.

A fan base who used to call Celtic fans paranoid have gone full tin foil that since their club died and they had to start again in 2012.

The world is against them narrative plays well to keep the blue pounds rolling in, you have to give it to the Ibrox board for constantly ripping it out of their own fan base.

Today, they have called the SPFL a dictatorship run by Peter Lawwell just because the first Glasgow Derby is being played in mid-October, giving the fixture a chance of having supporters back in through the door.

Why would any club’s fans be upset about giving a fixture as big as the derby every chance to have a full crowd?

Here is some quality patter from the RecordSport hotline:

“The new fixture list has just been published for the 2020/2021 season and surprise, surprise Peter Lawwell’s dictatorship of Scottish football is even more apparent.” One deluded Gers fan wrote

“The first O** F*** game of the season is always played around the first scheduled international weekend but Celtic snap their fingers and the SFA bend over backwards to give them what they want.”

We have a NEUTRAL in London getting upset too:

Dr Robert Pender, London, said: “As a neutral I am embarrassed to see the first Old Firm game delayed to mid October. This makes Scottish football a laughing stock. It would seem anything Celtic ask for they get.

“I hope for the following – Hearts win their case, which will be difficult with Celtic influences, and that the First Minister does not give the go-ahead for supporters until November.”

No worries, Doctor Bob!

If anyone could see the woods from the trees, the Glasgow Derby is the biggest fixture of the season and it should be given every chance to have people inside the ground. It’s partisan football nonsense at its best, had the first game been at Ibrox they would be lauding the decision.

Pretty pathetic, but then again, expected.


  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The Gift That Keeps Given
    Govan Sevco FC and it’s Comedic Fan Base are Forever Good for a Laugh or Two
    Sense another plathora of Hun Statements Getting Fired Out….
    And We were once labelled paranoid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. So doc Pender from London is a neutral, that is just as believable as the mega million offers for the “duffalo” that came from China.


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