Any negative football experiences or thoughts that Brendan Rodgers has to think about since becoming Celtic manager will all come from the Champions League.

Celtic have been on the end of a few hidings in Europe and more so away from home. I’m perfectly ok with that, I’m realistic and aware of where Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and PSG are at in world football. We all have the romantic idea of turning over these teams and sometimes it happens. Them memories fuel our hope of it happening again.

PSG are one of the most formidable sides in Europe right now, they use money like water and they have assembled a terrifying squad. But loads of clubs throw money at trophies and it doesn’t always work. For PSG though, it is working. They have scored 23 goals in their last 6 games, conceding only 3 times. Like Celtic, they have a 6 point cushion at the top of Ligue 1. They haven’t lost a game in their 13 league matches and they tore Bayern apart. Any reports of unrest are PSG is not transpiring on the pitch or with results.

What scares me most is the way Celtic played yesterday, they can’t be going to Paris with too much confidence after yesterdays showing. Hopefully, it was just a bit of rust after the International break. Celtic are usually at their best when their backs are against the wall and they are overwhelming underdogs. On paper, this is Celtic’s toughest game of this season. If the Celtic team that played Bayern at Parkhead a few weeks ago shows up then the Bhoys could come up with a shock result.



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