CRAIG GORDON has gave an honest and up front update on his current interact talks with Celtic and the goalkeeper has been critical of the process.

Speaking to TalkSport, the former Celtic goalkeeper who is a free agent says talks with the clubs could have gone better and the difference in what he was expecting as a deal and what has been offered is ‘enormous’.

While Craig said there’s still talks to be had between himself and Celtic — the goalkeeper is clearly frustrated and it’s gotten to the point he’s leveraging offers against one another to get the best deal for himself which is absolutely understandable. Watch Below:

Craig has been a top class servant for the club since coming in back in 2015. If Celtic were to get Fraser Forster in this summer there wouldn’t be a space for the goalkeeper at the club. Celtic do run the risk of losing both in the coming weeks if they don’t act.


  1. He makes too many mistakes and his communication and judgement is poor.
    The defence was always more comfortable with Forster or Bain.
    He should go to his boyhood club.


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