PAUL HARTLEY has told OpenGoal Sports his former Celtic teammate Barry Robson tried to get a new deal just ONE week into his Celtic career.

The midfielder joined Celtic from Dundee Utd back in 2008 and spent two years with the Hoops. Coming in from another Scottish team means he was never going to get a massive wage packet, BUT Paul Hartley revealed once Robbo had signed his contract and subsequently found out what others were on, the midfielder genuinely asked for a pay raise.

“A week in the door and he’s heard what the boys are on – he’s on that and he’s on that – he’s came from Dundee United so he’s not one of the top earners at Celtic.

“I think he’s maybe come in a week and he’s had a good game, and he’s got his agent to phone Peter or say to the manager about a new contract.”

Robson is one of the more underrated players to ever play for Celtic. The midfielder gave Celtic something they didn’t have at the time, and that was dig in the midfield. Robson scored a vital penalty at Celtic Park against Old Rangers back when the team came from nowhere to win the SPL on the final day of the season back in 2008.

I wonder what Peter said to his agent.


  1. Oor Barry scored many a good goal, and his hiedied goal from the 25 yard line against Barcelona to put the Hoops 2-1 up before half-time, had Paradise rocking. And a belief that the Hoop’s could get something fae that game. But Thierry Henry had other Ideas. Good strong attacking midfielder, something Celtic have missed since then.


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