Former Celtic star Styllian Petrov responded on social media after watching his former side Aston Villa win their derby match against Birmingham after the most shameful of scenes in the first half.

Jack Grealish grabbed the winner in the second half but it would be the first half incident with a Birmingham fan getting onto the pitch and punching the player from behind that got the headlines.

Grealish was caught off guard and unaware when the fan came from nowhere to strike the player in a clip which has now been beamed across the world in the shame game.

It was karmic payback in a sense when Grealish got the winning goal for his side to send Birmingham packing.

After the match, Petrov was full of praise for Jack Grealish and believed the Aston Villa captain responded to adversity in the best possible way.

Stan moved from Celtic to Aston Villa where he linked up with former Celtic boss Martin O’Neill. He carved out a very successful career for himself down south, his playing days coming to a premature end because the player was diagnosed with cancer.

He is one of the few players who is adored by two fan bases for what he did at the clubs.


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