Packie Bonner has admitted that he fears that the Celtic defence will concede every time the opposition attacks.

As reported by the Glasgow Times, the hoops defence have been a bit fragile this season, having already conceded half the amount of league goals they conceded the whole of last season. Bonner did admit that the attacking side of things was better from Neil Lennon’s side but he described the defensive side of things as ‘all over the place’.

“The defending was poor and that’s what cost them the three points. They were absolutely all over the place. That last goal was almost like a comedy of errors when they should really have been in control of the game.

“Celtic have gone through periods in the past, I remember when Fraser Forster was there, where they went 10 or 15 games almost without losing a goal. But, now, they look like every time somebody goes and attacks them they’re going to lose goals.
“That’s the worrying part that they’ve got to get right.

“But I think the rest of the game on Sunday was a lot better. They passed the ball well, they were slicker, and the two goals they scored were wonderful goals.”

With the signing of Shane Duffy during the summer transfer window, it would be fair to admit that the majority of the Celtic support thought he was the missing piece of the puzzle and his skill set was what we were missing in recent years.

However, it definitely hasn’t turned out that way and we have been very poor on that side of things recently.

The most frustrating part is it appears to be simple things like basic errors which have to be cut out.

On the management side of things, Neil Lennon and his team have to find a way for us to stop leaking goals in the fashion we have recently.


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