There will be a lot of Celtic fans waking up today with sore heads after a day of celebrating clinching 8 in a row.

Neil Lennon’s men won 3-0 at Pittodrie to secure the title with the players and fans soaking in the moment.

But as we pick up our phones, tablets and turn on our computers this morning we have seen a former Celtic player turned pundit absolutely sticking the boot into our Captain Scott Brown.

Instead of congratulating his old club, Davie Provan savages Broony for not being a good captain, being a lesser player than some of the greats and being very lucky.

Celtic fans who have seen these outlandish comments not 24 hours after we’ve won the league are at a loss as to why Provan has chosen to take this route on a weekend where Celtic won their 8th consecutive title. For many, this was the last straw for them when it comes to the ex-Celtic player and his column in The Sun.


  1. I remember Davie Provan getting Willie Johnstone (who the Celtic fans hated) sent off in a Celtic v Hearts game. He stood in front of Willie when he was taking a long throw in, after the throw in Willie gave him a wee cuff round the ear and Davie ran about another 5 yards and then threw himself on the ground as if he had been shot. Willie Johnstone was then sent off. The sending off was resinded as many Celtic fans wrote to the SFA to say it was never a sending off. Davie should have a wee look in the mirror before he talks about any Celtic player lacking class. He certainly didn’t have any that day!!!

  2. TADGER Provan strikes again,jealous,twisted and bitter about the fact that the Club are having all this success now,rather than during his time.
    I’d ban him from Paradise in a heartbeat.Pathetic pundit.

  3. Moron, tosser, rat, all represent Provan, with his shorts up his erse, and his affro, he looked a right pillock when he played. Thought he was the bees knees, another Jinky he thought. Christ man, you couldn’t get near Jinky status.
    The blast from him aimed at Broony is proof he’s a wee sh1te. This club made you Provan, and you talk us down at every opportunity. Your column is a vent for your hatred of the club that made you. Well Provan if you dare to come to Paradise you’ll get the bums rush from the fans. You are one sick guy.


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