Patrick Roberts Could Have Final Say on Celtic Move

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PATRICK ROBERTS has become a fan favourite since moving up here on-loan from City just under 18-months ago.

The naturally gifted midfielder has shown why Manchester City decided to sign him from Fulham in the first place.

But now his loan spell is coming to an end with Celtic keen to keep him for at least one more season it could indeed come down to the payer himself whether he sticks around.

Manchester City have failed at their attempt to win the Premier League with Pep Guardiola at the first time of asking and are already looking to throw money at the problem in a bid to increase their chances next term. While this might be good news for City fans that the club are willing to spend big AGAIN, it doesn’t bode well for some of the talent already there and of course Patrick Roberts.

There is a strong feeling in the Celtic camp that the club can capitalise on Manchester City’s transfer activities and persuade the City hierarchy to loan Roberts to Celtic for one last season before he goes down the road for good.

However, if Patrick doesn’t get a strong indication one way or another about his future at City the player himself might knock back another stint at Celtic Park in an ambitious bid to force himself into Pep’s plans.

The City player scored against his parent club in the Champions League earlier on in the season to give them a little reminder of what he is capable of – but is that enough for Pep to look twice at the young Englishman?

If City are receptive as Celtic believe they are to another loan deal then it should be a no brainer for the winger to pull on the hoops after the cup final at the end of this month.

It would be a major boost to the Celtic fans and the manager going forward.




  1. For gods sake give it a rest with this Patrick Roberts story, yes he has done really well for us and would be great if we could sigh him permanently but the player has clearly stated it is his intention to return to Manchester City so perhaps we should all just accept that and move on to another player to come in instead of someone who doesn’t want to be at lennoxtown or parkhead anymore


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