REPORTS down south claim Patrick Roberts has thrown a spanner in the works of Man City’s £66million plus player bid for Riyad Mahrez.

The Englishman who has spent two and a half years at Celtic was being used as a makeweight in the deal that would see Roberts move to Leicester with Mahrez in the other direction.

With the player unable to agree terms with the club, the deal is now OFF the table and Paddy will remain a Man City player for the foreseeable future.

Man City will have to put up close to £85million for the midfielder now with Roberts dropping out the equation.

Patrick spoke at the end of last season, saying he was desperate to test himself in the Premier League. He obviously didn’t see the value in heading to Leicester at this stage in his career.

It’s still unlikely that he’ll get a chance at Man City so the winger is still expected to leave the club at some point.


  1. What a foolish boy.
    First he insists on returning to Celtic rather than expanding his horizon with a very good French club, which was what his employer wished him to do and now he turns down a PL side because the wages on offer were too low! Manchester City have a culture not dissimilar to Barca. It’s all about respect, team ethic and incorporates a significant degree of humility. Patrick Roberts will be moved on, he has no future at Manchester City.

  2. Give me strength! Leicester? Paddy clearly has ambition and isn’t ready to give the game up yet by going to a pub league quality outfit!

    • Celtic is ambition? He was offered the chance to play at a higher standard than the fourth rate Scottish League but he bottled it as he would miss Rodgers breast feeding him.

  3. You mean the pub team who were Premier League champions just two years ago and got further than any other English club in the Champions’ League the year after? And their pub serves better beer than Boddington’s too.

  4. well done paddy bhoy, do what u feel is right, not what these idiots say………..spouting all sorts of garbage HH

  5. He’s a typical English player in the fact that he obviously wants to be paid more than his worth, he’s valued at 15mil but likely wants a 50mil pay packet, is it any wonder that most clubs shop abroad for foreign players? Leicester pay decent money which quickly rises if you impress and improve, he obviously wants all the trappings but has proved nothing in the prem yet, only playing in the one team league in Scotland. His loss I suppose!

  6. Typical Engerleish slobbering utter keek about our Premier,Funny how they always want our players etc.We hold our own against Any English so called Big Clubs.Idiots EPL isnt all that,Take away all the foreign players.Look whats left ffs.HH Mon The HooPs

  7. JungleTim, Patrick Roberts ISNT your player, he belongs to a team in the very league you are mugging off, and speak english you half head!


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