Former Celtic winger Paddy Roberts who spent two and half years at the club has seen his transfer value plummet since being signed by Man City as a youngster. Signed by the English side, the player has been loaned out to several different clubs including Celtic over the past five years and it’s fair to stay his most successful spell was in Glasgow.

Leaving to play in the Premier League, Paddy moved to Spain for a season with Girona and then had a Norwich loan move cut short in January, heading to Middlesbrough after signing a new deal with Manchester City. Still with Middlesbrough, the player will again be looking to make a move in the summer.

Will Celtic be an option?

Tansfermarkt had Paddy’s highest market value at £6.75m, right now, they value the player at just over £2m. While this is just a gauge and he’s worth whatever Manchester City deem him, it seems this would be the perfect time to snap him up.

Celtic are suddenly short of wingers and ten in a row is around the corner. Could Celtic and the winger be tempted to rekindle their partnership?

There are no links between Neil Lennon and Roberts other than the Irishman would have watched him closely during his run as a Celtic player. If he becomes available, it would be a no brainer.

Paddy’s last season at Celtic was plagued with injury and he might fancy going out on a high note. Famously, Brendan Rodgers didn’t even afford him the opportunity of coming on one last time as Celtic wrapped up a double treble – the player visibly upset when the substitute appearance didn’t come/

Would you like to see Roberts back?


  1. I’d take him back in an instant. He’s unfinished business to complete at Celtic. He knows the set up and as long as he stays injury free, he’d be a great asset to Celtic. I’m sure with Neil and the backroom staff they would soon get his confidence back to normal. Could be a good long term investment.


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