CELTIC are in the market for a right sided winger, Paddy Roberts is in the market for a new club, that’s why Simon Ferry has told Go Radio it’s a no brainer to bring the former invincible back to Celtic Park.

Ferry spoke passionately about the difference in playing for ‘Boro and Celtic. He believes Celtic are in need of a little bit of magic and that’s where Roberts comes in.

Since leaving Celtic, the Englishman has gone on a number of loans and has even tried his hand in Spain. However, his biggest success has been for Celtic and given he’s looking for game time and a chance to revive his career, it’s the perfect match, again!

Speaking to Go Radio, Ferry spoke at length about the deal happening.

I think it’d be a no-brainer.

“Celtic have missed that sort of magic on the wings this year.

“When teams sit in against them, it usually goes wide then back into the middle, whereas with Patrick Roberts you know that if he gets the ball he’s only going to go at his full-back.

“I think as many of those players that Celtic can get the better.

“I think he’s struggled anywhere he’s been. The one place that he’s found form is Celtic so for me, it would be a no-brainer for both parties.

“It’s down to confidence.

“You think of Patrick Roberts when he first broke into the scene with Fulham as a 16-year-old kid and he ripped the Championship up.

“He’s now gone back to the Championship four or five years older and he can’t get a game.

“These players think the grass is greener down south. Patrick Roberts wanted to go back down to England to play.

“But when you realise you’re going from a Celtic to a Middlesbrough, it’s a totally different level.

“I’ve no doubt that Patrick Roberts would walk back up here to play for Celtic because playing for Middlesbrough is no comparison.”

The transfer window is days away from opening and if dialogue could be done quick, there’s every chance a deal could happen. However, you always need two willing parties and there’s been no word from Celtic to say they are interested in a reunion at present. Neil Lennon didn’t manage Paddy the first time around, could he be tempted to bring the winger back to Paradise?


  1. Yeah im sure he’d love to come to Celtic now his career is disappearing.
    He had plenty of opportunities to return to us but chose other options which is fair enough but just like Forster, its time to move on and forget them and stop this continual need to link our club to guys who have already knocked us back.
    Its pathetic

  2. No shared double bed or bunkbed antics with Kieran Tierney to look towards. But I’m sure Paddy would walk to Paradise to sign. But only from the carpark to the main stand. Any further and he would be on the physio table after joining.. Great player but has the cartilges of a oap.


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