FORMER CELTIC midfielder Paul sharply believes Eddie Howe is the man for Celtic speaking to Sky Sports on Friday morning.

Paul believes of all the names linked with the job, Howe makes the most sense and the English manager reminds him of Brendan Rodgers in his approach.

“I like the way Eddie Howe set his team up at Bournemouth – it reminds me a bit of Brendan Rodgers”

Hartley ruled out Roberto Martinez for the role because even if he doesn’t stay in at Belgium, the former Celt thinks a big job awaits the manager in one of the too five leagues.

Celtic fans are playing a waiting game as they look to move on from this disaster of a season.

There doesn’t seem to be an imminent announcement in who will be the next Celtic manager. The club will have their shortlist but many managers might be waiting to see the lie of the land as the season comes to a finish.

There will be many jobs available in the summer which are currently occupied. If Celtic have someone in mind, they have to make sure they feel wanted enough to disregard any other interest.


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