Former Celtic youth player and current podcast personality Paul Slane has dug Steven Gerrard up over his handling of the Glasgow Derby at the start of the month. Celtic ran out comfortable 2-0 winners in a game which had been billed as The Rangers coming out party with regards to a title challenge.

Celtic controlled the game and didn’t let the home side breath on the day. Gerrard’s set up has been criticised by many but Slane has added to the criticism of the former Liverpool captain – not only for his team selection but the way he treats his players after a defeat.

Speaking on the OpenGoal podcast with Simon Ferry, Slane went on a bit of a rant.

“But until Steven Gerrard gets it right and stops throwing his players under the bus…

“The best manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson, was known for the hairdryer treatment.

“He did it in the changing room but went out and blamed everyone but the players in the media.”

“His starting XI was bizarre – that’s the only word to describe it.

“How many times is he going to blame the players? After the game, he blamed the players.

“You played the totally wrong team, no wingers.

“Celtic’s back four and the keeper haven’t played with each other. They’ve just come in.”

Celtic went into the international break three points clear at the top of the table after their win at Ibrox.

The Scottish champions riding a wave of positivity. The bhoys are back in action on Saturday and could be six points clear of Gerrard’s men before they kick off against Livingston at 3pm on Saturday.


  1. Fail to see what Sevco have to do with Celtic and how We have to stay ahead of the Delusional.Celtic only have to be Themselves and everything will Fall into place.The rebels are Winning and Glasgows Forever Green n White 🍀HfH🍀Everybody was Hupong the Mew Clun right up and it created there Dowmfall


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