Former Celtic youth player Paul Slane has lifted the lid on the day he nearly got beat up by Andre Blackman during a training session.

Blackman was brought to the club in 2011 and was gone by 2012. Slane, now a podcaster with another former Celt – Simon Ferry for OpenGoal Sport detailed the argument which ended in Blackman wanting to fight him.

Slane is a character and clearly a wind-up merchant if you’ve listened to any of his podcasts. It appears that’s always been the case and in training that didn’t go down well with Blackman who was off the back of having a bad reputation elsewhere before signing with Celtic.

“I’m actually petrified to say this in case he hears this and comes for me!” Slane told OpenGoal as cited by SunSport.”I remember me and Keatsy laughing in training and he’s said, ‘What you f***ing laughing at?’

“I’ve got my back up and went, ‘It’s nothing to f***ing do with you anyway so shut your mouth. It got split up. I used to always argue and fight with people in training because it would get split up.

“Boys would always get in the middle of it. Boys were grabbing me and I was kidding on I was trying to get to him. I was never trying to get to him – there were about five boys in front of me.”

“I’m tellin him what’s going on and I look out the window and see Frail walking back out to training.

“I thought, ‘Oh no…’ Five minutes later Andre walks in and he’s like, ‘Do you want to f***ing sort it now?’

“I’m like, ‘Everybody’s allowed to argue in training Andre, right!’ Mate this isn’t a lie – we’ll get Jamsie to confirm it.

“Andre’s like, ‘Let’s f***ing go for it right now.

“No word of a lie, I put my hand up and said, ‘I’m not going to waste my career on you, right!’

“My hand was shaking. Jamesie and Tosh [Lewis Toshney] saw it. They pulled their T-shirts over their face to stop their laughing.

“I was like that to him, ‘I’m not going to waste my career on you right, no way, get away!”

“He’s like, ‘You’re a p**sy – I can see the f***ing fear in you! Don’t ever speak to me like that or I’ll sort you out properly!’”

“Danny McGrain and Stevie Frail had a meeting with the reserves.

“They said if they saw one more argument in training, they were going to walk everybody up to the gym and let them fight.”

Slane joined Celtic in 2010 but was gone by 2013 to take a career break after he was let go from Celtic. The star struggled with his personal life and never really got a foothold back in the game. At 27, he no longer plays football and last played for a side back in 2016.

Hopefully, Andre doesn’t hear about this and come looking for the podcaster.



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