CELTIC are at it again with their new advert for the Christmas season.

Efforts in recent years have been very well received we have a feeling this one will be too.

Featuring the cast of the Celtic Musical and a miniature Kieran Tierney with his on green brigade megaphone it hits the right notes again.

We even have PC LUSTIG in the mix!

Celtic have really upped their game in the marketing department when it comes to Christmas.

This new ad will sit alongside previous Christmas attempts to make you laugh as well as want to part with your cash.

Karamoko Dembele even made an appearance as a Christmas tree decoration!

This is some light hearted relief away from what is going to a very busy and hectic schedule for the bhoys.

Starting this Saturday Celtic have a run of 11 games between now and New Year.

If Celtic play like we know they can they could win the League Cup, qualify for Europe beyond Christmas and take a lead in the SPFL


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