ANGE POSTECOGLOU came into Celtic knowing he had a major rebuild on his hands. However, the burden was shared between himself and his new chief executive Dom McKay from the beginning.

After Eddie Howe ducked out of Celtic talks, the club immediately turned to Ange to get that deal done. Dom McKay was heavily involved in the talks and was the man who sold the vision of what he wanted Celtic to be to Ange.

The pair faced fan media back in July hoping to build something special together. We were in the room as Dom spoke about modernisation and a new way of doing things at Celtic.

Ange and Dom both got down to work and the signs of a revival were and are still there for Celtic after last seasons disaster. However, McKay’s shock exit means the work he and Ange have done together and the vision they were working towards is now dead in the water.

Ange must report to Michael Nicholson, our new interim chief exec and find out from him what is and isn’t at his disposal going forward.

Building bridges and relationships take time in any job, given the baptism of fire shared by Ange and Dom, there would’ve likely been a good connection between the pair.

Dom was the welcoming committee for Ange down in London with the pair seen together at Wembley taking in the Scotland vs England game in the summer before getting down to serious business.

I would like to know what’s going on in Ange’s head after today’s announcement. Outwardly, the manager will be focused on the game and will be doing his best to make sure any disruption at board level doesn’t filter through to the team.

Ange is a no-nonsense sort of guy and you have to imagine he’ll be asked plenty of questions about Dom’s exit tomorrow pre and post-match.


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