Peter Lawwell has tonight broke his silence on the current situation with Brendan Rodgers.

The chief executive says the club are still waiting for official word that Brendan Rodgers has indeed signed a deal with the English Premier League club but admitted the club has spoken to Neil Lennon and have a number of candidates in mind to replace him.

“Hopefully things will come to a conclusion quickly, and we an get on with our own business,” Lawwell told SkySport.

“We’ve spoken to Neil and he’s a strong candidate”

Celtic were made aware of Brendan Rodgers desire to talk to Leicester yesterday afternoon and things have progressed very quickly since then.

According to reports, Brendan has verbally agreed to become the new Leicester manager and we’re waiting on the official confirmation.

Neil Lennon was supposed to head out to Qatar to do some media work but cancelled his trip after he was made aware of the situation.

Celtic fans are slowly coming to terms with Brendan Rodgers hasty exit from a club he’s delivered outstanding success to.

There will be many who thank him but there will also be many who will be upset in the manner in which he has left the building.


  1. Rodgers is a traitor for leaving hoops in lurch John Kennedy should go tae what experience does he have to go in the dug out for games which are important against hearts and hibees and if we lose these games lawell will never be forgiven I’m gutted

  2. Writing has been on the wall since the Double treble for St Brendan and co. They have had to pin a tail on the donkey that Celtic has become. So good luck tae yae St Brendan. As only true supporters know your worth. I do agree thats its a shame St Brendan couldn’t stay until the end of the season and I know he’s not dead. He’ll be missed more than we will ever know.

  3. Disgraceful. Recently he spoke warmly about the Late Tommy Burns and gave the clear impression that his heart lay in paradise. Now this.

    On tgenpositive side its hopefully an end of the chuckle vision passing nonsense that has increasingly plagued us for three seasons . Jock Stein advocated defending in your opponents half. That’s the Celtic Way.

    Having clueless John Kennedy in charge at tynecastle is totally throwing in the towel. He should have gone with Delia and Collins. Defensive coach my backside

    Get Lennon in the dugout tomorrow night

    • Drop brown in away games, and you cut out the shite back passing we waste 65 minutes of play with that white play 5 up front in attack 3 in mid ,and 2 at the back that don’t come out of the 18 yard box at all

  4. Lawwell is not telling the support what the real reason are here. His statement here is as vague as the resolution was back in the day, he is using Celtics teams earning , to furnish the share holders, and give them a bigger share of the spoils once the hotel is built at the fans expense this should not be happening as this money was from the fans support any projects should be funded by share holders ,not by none share holder fans

  5. Every one has a price and lets face it so has Brendan Rodgers it started at the start of this season nothing went the way he hoped for,good luck to him in his new job, but we got a top man in place so lets get on with it and Finish the job we started 7 years ago and bring home 8 and we are still on track for a new record 10 in a row….

  6. Mr Rogers a true fan don’t think so, if he and his team felt anything about the celtic he would have stayed till the end of the season I just hope this does not upset the players to badly each game now has a final feeling to it now I hope the guys now go out and finish the job in hand and show BR that we did not need him and play fair let Neil do his thing and he can take the glory from the fans as Neil is a true fan he is one of us. BR always said he never leaves a job I’m here for 10 living the dream ect ect that crap he said and like the fools that we are we believed every word he said, I hope that he is going to give his life too for his new club that he does because a few bad games and wham your out on your arse does he not remember the 6 week cycle for managers down there that he sprouted a while ago and that now he is number 4 in 2 years in the management position there. If there is or was a problem with Peter why did BR not come out and say to the fans now that he has ran away from the celtic tell us the truth instead of that it was great working with Peter and the board ect was it because Peter would not commit to spending big for players ect I understand that Peter watches the pennies at the club and BR was aware of this when he took on the club that we don’t have the spending power as down south but he was all for the young players let’s develop them and we have played with that idea and ran with it and so far it has worked, again if their is a problem let the fans know as is nearly renewal time for the fans and we can demand answers concerning this that is our only bargaining tool, long live the King the King is dead hail the new king Neil get behind him Scott the leader on the park keep the faith and march on get 8 in row win the Cup and next season if it still Neil on board stay true and support bring it on Brendan who ????????????????? Good luck Neil and the backroom staff

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