The CELTIC AGM kicks-off shortly and a whole host of things will be discussed between the board and shareholders at the virtual meeting.

The Res-12 stuff will be on the agenda again, as will the boards part in this season not going at all to plan.

However, SunSport report there is growing speculation the Celtic chief executive could be set to announce he’s leaving the club at the end of the season.

It has been whispered among the Celtic community but it’s now made it into the mainstream media. Lawwell has been at the club since 2002; usually, the life span of any Chief Exec is five or six years before they move on. Peter has been at the help for 18 years and could it be time for a change?

It remains to be seen if Peter sees his job as being done or if he thinks it’s time for the club to take a new direction. It could be his thinking the club will undergo a reset after this season and he’ll allow new blood to come in and implement their vision.

It could just be more of the same if the CEO still believes he has the hunger to go on. We won’t have to wait long to find out.


  1. Sooner he goes the better,big mistake letting him interfere with the footballing side of our club. The money that’s slipped through our bank account because of his penny pinching while he’s lined his own pockets is disgraceful and should never been allowed to happen HAIL HAIL🍀.


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