PETER LAWWELL has defended the new SPFL TV deal after fans voiced their displeasure at the half-hearted production Sky Sports puts into our game.

No sooner had the ink dried on the new deal, Sky Sports had plastered a banner with just Celtic and The Rangers on it – ignoring every other club in the league and giving everyone the indication it’s business as usual for the broadcaster.

Their lack of in-depth analysis, proper pundits or even just time spent on games when they can be bothered showing them gets on people’s nerves.

Their Glasgow centric approach to proceedings is quite disheartening.

Fans have put up with it for a long time but with BT Sport giving us a taste of how the Scottish game could look and feel – it leaves a bad taste in the mouth they will now bow out, and fans are stuck with the same old nonsnse.

However, Lawwell believes it’s the best deal for Scottish football and while fans must be heard, basically, money talks.

“I believe it is a very good deal for Scottish football.” told Celtic TV.

“Taking everything into consideration, it is a very good deal.

“The positive side is that Sky have recognised the value of Scottish football and significantly increased the money they’re investing in it.

“It was the best deal for Scottish football, absolutely.”

“I think the fans voice has to be heard, of course it must.

“But in this instance, if you look at it, there are two subscription channels at the moment and going forward there will be only two — because BT will probably fall out of Scottish football.”


  1. You have to remember that these guys on the board are Conservatives.
    That tells you all you need to know about them.

    BT sports has done it’s best for Scottish Football, but that means nothing to these guys on our board. They are quite willing to let BT sports sink and meanwhile they prostitute themselves with Sky, whose agenda is very obvious. There are so many things that are good about our club, but I detest the way the board patronise the fan base, knowing full well that they can rely on their support no matter what.

    “Of course it’s important that fans must be heard” Mr Lawwell says, but he forgot to add that it doesn’t mean that they have to listen to them. I am not impressed.
    Somewhere, a sense of morality has to be engaged with and an interest in the greater good for the whole of Scottish football.

    The big guy with all the money, is not necessarily the correct one for the good of the game.
    I believe our fans have a greater sense of morality, compassion and belief in the fundamental principles of our founding father. Fergus was much more important to us than many realised. His honesty was a breath of fresh air.


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